After 50 years of teaching piano successfully, and knowing a bit about video production, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the ideas, discoveries, concepts, etc. of what I have learned students need to understand . I produce a 15-20 minute broadcast each night to cover one basic element of good piano playing stressing the concept of strategic practicing. Playing the piano is "physical" and learning a piece is understanding the technique to convert the music into a comfortable "physical habit". I will explain how to  turn the printed notes into the various physical motions they are suggesting. The game is played on the keys, not in the book. Students always tell me when something is "hard".  I tell them that things are only "hard" when you can't do them. That is what these broadcasts are intended to address. It my own language including "arrows", "hit&run", "ghosts", the "legato curse", "targets", re-notation, etc, I hope you will come on board and experience how we get things from "hard" to "easy". Or at least, easier!

- Jeff